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Public services in blockchains VI: identifying opportunities for use

25 July 2017, by Victoria Thorpe, Manager, Health & Public Sector Technology Consulting, Accenture

Digitisation is on the government’s agenda. As Reform and Accenture have recently highlighted, for example, the UK...

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Public service reform in action

24 July 2017, by Andrew Haldenby

One side effect of the surprise General Election is that Reform’s events came thick and fast before the summer break....

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The Week, 21 July 2017

21 July 2017, by Danail Vasilev

This week HMRC ruled that care providers should compensate workers who slept at their patients’ house by six years’...

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Employment services should help people into the gig economy

18 July 2017, by Ben Dobson

Last week, Matthew Taylor’s review of modern employment practices offered a more positive account of the gig economy...

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The Week, 14 July 2017

14 July 2017, by Ben Dobson

This week Matthew Taylor published his independent review into modern employment practices. It calls for greater...

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For the NHS, better means not “more” but “different”

13 July 2017, by Andrew Haldenby

Moving on from the “end of austerity”, this blog will return to the NHS and exactly what needs to happen now to...

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