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The Week, 16 February 2018

16 February 2018, by Eleonora Harwich

Despite some progress being made, equal pay and better gender representation at the top still has a long way to go as...

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Is it time for an independent Social Care and Later Life Commission?

15 February 2018, by Jim Boyd

A fascinating question has been posed by a Parliamentary inquiry into the long-term funding of adult social care –...

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Reform poll shows that ministers should listen to the public on domestic policy

14 February 2018, by Alexander Hitchcock

2018 began with two big domestic policy questions: should ministers inject more money into the NHS? And how does...

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The Week, 9 February 2018

9 February 2018

This week, giving evidence to the House of Commons Liaison Committee, John Manzoni said he “was passionate about...

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A rail network fit for the 21st century: making the most of digital technology

7 February 2018, by Luke Heselwood

New digital technologies present an opportunity to modernise the UK’s rail network. Technologies such as 5G mobile...

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AI opens up ways to “see the unseeable” in public safety – provided it’s used responsibly

6 February 2018

These days, there’s a lot of discussion about how artificial intelligence (AI) might be applied in public safety....

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