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Barber-ism and #TheStateoftheState

21 November 2017, by Andrew Haldenby

In a brilliant paper for the Treasury published last week, Sir Michael Barber set out the right agenda for the...

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Want more equality? Encourage government to save on you

21 November 2017

Before it was drowned out by a continuum of scandals and a worrying lack of progress in Brexit negotiations, the...

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The Week, 17 November 2017

17 November 2017, by Kate Laycock

In his report today on unlocking value in the public sector, Sir Michael Barber made the case that for government to...

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The future UK border

15 November 2017

Failing to upgrade the UK’s customs collection technology before Brexit will be “catastrophic”. This assessment,...

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The future of the UK border

15 November 2017, by Tony Smith CBE, Managing Director, Fortinus Global, Global Border Security Consultant. Former Director General, UK Border Force

Having spent a lifetime working in Border Control – from passport inspections at Heathrow back in the 1970s, through...

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The digital border

14 November 2017, by Tim Ellis, Director, Government Services, KBR

There is a great deal of speculation about the implications of Brexit for border management. Possibly the only...

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