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The Week, 20 January 2017

20 January 2017, by Alexander Hitchcock

On Tuesday, the Office for Budget Responsibility declared public finances “unsustainable”, pointing to the option...

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Lessons from today’s education data release

19 January 2017, by Elaine Fischer, Eleonora Harwich and Louis Coiffait

This week the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecast that total spending on education, as a share of GDP, is...

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Devolution, what devolution?

19 January 2017, by Elaine Fischer

Public finances are unsustainable. That was the verdict of the Office for Budget Responsibility, this week. Relative to...

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The state of public-service commissioning: Meg Hillier MP

18 January 2017, by Meg Hillier MP, Chair, Public Accounts Committee

As the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, my role is to make sure the Committee is effective at challenging...

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Faulty by design. The state of public-service commissioning

18 January 2017, by Eleonora Harwich

If a public policy intervention reaches near perfect results, it’s probably because it made up its own grading...

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Who won the NHS “crisis”?

17 January 2017, by Andrew Haldenby

The NHS “crisis” has blown itself out after a whirlwind week. On Friday 6 January, the British Red Cross...

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