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The Week, 19 April 2018

20 April 2018, by Andrew Haldenby

This week the health service, the courts and the rest of the criminal justice system discussed the potential of...

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The Week, 13 April 2018

13 April 2018, by Eleonora Harwich

This week has served as a reminder of the importance of data ethics in the public sector. The Department for Education...

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The great training robbery: assessing the first year of the apprenticeship levy

13 April 2018, by Tom Richmond

When you hear the word ‘apprenticeship’, what image springs to mind? Perhaps a young person in the workplace, being...

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The Week, 6 April 2018

6 April 2018, by Jim Boyd

This week, NHS leaders in Dorset have integrated care and health systems with the aim of reducing financial...

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Risky business? An introduction to risk in the procurement of public services

5 April 2018, by Rose Lasko-Skinner

The public-private debate has been renewed and government outsourcing is under scrutiny. Since the collapse of...

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The Week, 29 March 2018

29 March 2018

This week, the Prime Minister and Health Secretary called for multi-year funding settlements for the NHS to meet...

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