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Are Conservative manifesto proposals for social care still relevant to the policy debate?

22 June 2017, by Danail Vasilev

When the Conservative manifesto was published, its plans for social care were hotly debated. The proposed changes...

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The “end of austerity” – what happened last time?

20 June 2017, by Andrew Haldenby

The post-Election debate continues to turn on the “end of austerity” and quite what that might mean. Last week I...

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The Week, 16 June 2017

16 June 2017, by Andrew Haldenby

This week the domestic policy debate turned on the “end of austerity”. Reform pointed out that no political party...

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The politics of austerity – and better public services

12 June 2017, by Andrew Haldenby

The Labour Party is on a high, having run on a manifesto that promised big increases in budgets and manpower across the...

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The Week, 21 April 2017

21 April 2017, by

The Prime Minister’s decision to trigger a snap General Election overshadowed a number of important policy...

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General Election 2017: more than Brexit

21 April 2017, by Alexander Hitchcock

Ideas are back at the heart of politics. Brexit, Trump and elections across the Channel show this. The upcoming General...

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