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The Week, 22 September 2017

22 September 2017, by Louis Coiffait

Since Reform hosted Jo Johnson’s speech about the VFM of higher education in July, the issue has risen up the agenda....

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850 years later – disrupting higher education

21 September 2017, by Emilie Sundorph

Education technology (EdTech) could, for the first time since the establishment of universities, cause a true...

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We need a whole-career offer for teachers

20 September 2017, by Louis Coiffait

One theme emerging from the 40 interviews undertaken for Reform’s forthcoming school workforce paper is that the...

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Accessing emergency services in a digital age

19 September 2017, by Sarah Timmis

Eighty years ago, the 999-call was introduced to offer the public quicker access to services in an emergency. Today, it...

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Delivering for patients- integrated working in pharmacy

18 September 2017

The increasing recognition of the role pharmacists can play in supporting high quality patient care as part of an...

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The Week, 15 September 2017

15 September 2017, by Maisie Borrows

The Government decided this week to abolish the public sector pay cap of 1 per cent increases per year. Ministers were...

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