The Week, 3 August 2018

3 August 2018

This week saw efforts for better collaboration and partnerships between different organisations. Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education, called for a society-wide approach to social mobility that engages business, the media, the voluntary sector and the tech industry. Meanwhile, the Home Office announced efforts to work in partnership with a range of key sectors, such as education, local government, health and social services, to tackle serious violent crime.

Sarah Timmis, Researcher, Reform

Reformer of the week

Damian Hinds MP, for recognising the need for elite universities to do more to improve access and for asserting that the money put aside for access (projected at £850m in the next year) must be spent well. Reform research has previously highlighted how top universities can enhance social mobility and achieve value for money.

Good week for…

Ignoring the evidence on grammar schools

On Wednesday, new figures revealed that grammar school places are still rapidly expanding, even before the distribution of a new £50m growth fund, announced in May. Reform has argued that such selection constrains choice and risks compounding unequal access to the best schools.

Bad week for…

Safeguarding victims of abuse

Also on Wednesday, a report by the Work and Pensions Committee found that, as Universal Credit payments are made to one person per household, abuse victims and their children are often left dependent and vulnerable.


“[W]e need a country that works for everyone – because, as I said at the start, what is progress for our society, if we’re not doing more for the people who start out with the biggest disadvantages? A strong society, a strong economy, does not leave people behind.”

Damian Hinds MP, speaking at the Resolution Foundation on Tuesday.

“How can we harness the benefits of data, while maintaining a secure system in which people can be confident their information is protected? How can we keep driving innovation and choice for consumers? Put simply: how do we make sure that digital markets work for everyone?”

Phillip Hammond MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the FT on Thursday.

Reform’s Week


On Tuesday, Reform published its submission to the LSE-Lancet Commission which makes the case for bold new reforms to make the NHS a more efficient, innovative and higher quality service.

Reformer Blog

Also on Tuesday, Maisie Borrows, Senior Researcher at Reform, authored a blog discussing the uses of blockchain in healthcare and particularly its potential to help share data.

On Thursday, Rosie Du Rose, Executive Director of Customer Service, Home Group, published a blog that argued for a measured response to Universal Credit, that credits the attempt to provide a more efficient welfare system and makes practical solutions to improvements.


Last Friday, Education technology featured our report ‘Beyond gadgets: EdTech to help close the opportunity gap’.



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