Tackling rising social care costs

15 November 2016

Elaine Fischer has written an interactive blog about the looming crisis in social care costs. The UK’s population will undergo dramatic change in years to come, with a growing ageing population combined with falling fertility rates. The old age dependency ratio, which measures the proportion of working-age people to over 65s, will increase by nearly 50 per cent over the next two decades. As people tend to require higher levels of social care spending in their later years, these demographic pressures will feed through into the elder care budget.

The Government has committed to implementing a cap on social care costs as per the Dilnot Commission’s recommendations in 2020. But the other end of this equation is how to improve the productivity of existing social care spending. The author argues the areas for improvement are significant.

Poor inter-agency co-ordination, complicated bureaucratic systems and lack of care in the community (which means elderly people are kept in hospital when they no longer need acute treatment) are just some of the examples. However, by looking to international examples of best practice, the UK could find ideas for improvement and innovation.

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