Reforming ‘Reform’

20 May 2016

I wanted to take a moment to share some important improvements that we have made to Reform as an organisation. I would like to thank Charlie Pickles who has done so much to lead this work over the last year, and all the colleagues (past and present) and friends who have given their ideas and insight.

Vision, mission and values

Reform began with two people, their own computers and a sense that the problems of public services would not be served by spending increases alone. As we have grown and become more established, we have wanted to express our vision more clearly; and along with that, our mission as an organisation and the values that define our work with our colleagues, friends and supporters. The team completed the work on our values last week.

We have expressed our vision, mission and values as follows:

  • A prosperous and inclusive society that optimises well-being
  • To set out a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity
  • We collaborate; we challenge; we are positive; we take ownership; and, we strive for excellence.

There are, I hope, strong ideas here that capture what we are trying to achieve. The vision of an “inclusive” society, in particular, means that our work must deliver greater opportunity including to those in greatest need.

Let me say to everyone that we work with: please do hold us to these values. We have a real commitment to them.


We have set out an improved package of employment as below:












We will introduce the Reform auto-enrolment pension next month, a year ahead of schedule. The employer contribution will be higher than the normal level of 3 per cent of salary.

We have slightly expanded the coverage of medical and dental insurance that we provide for all permanent staff.

We provide 25 days leave, plus 3 days for Christmas, plus a day for birthdays. We think this entitlement is as good as leading organisations. We have a formal commitment to flexible working and working from home.

As Director I am blessed with an extraordinarily hard-working team, keen to progress and to increase our impact. Their professionalism is valued by all those they work with. They deserve to receive a comprehensive package of rewards and support from Reform as an employer.


Reform has many strong points as a place of employment. They include our reputation, research integrity, political independence and outstanding network in politics, public services and business. Nevertheless we have wanted to build on that by clarifying and improving the progression for Reform research staff.

Researchers will now be able to become Senior Researchers as their skills performance develop. We have introduced new job roles, Research Manager and Senior Research Manager, to give the right opportunities for people of greater experience. People in those roles can also be the “Head” of a policy area.

We are currently recruiting for a Senior Research Manager with a salary range of £50,000 – £60,000. The closing date for that recruitment is 9am, Monday 13 June. It is an excellent opportunity for someone wishing to engage in policy at the highest level; to gain the political skills and knowledge that are so beneficial for modern senior careers; and to become part of Reform’s outstanding network of policy and business leaders. Both Charlie Pickles and I would be delighted to speak to potential candidates.


In its 15th year, Reform‘s job is far from over. Strengthening our organisation is one of the very best ways that we can further strengthen our research and impact.

Andrew Haldenby, Director, Reform



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