Implementing a comprehensive model for personalised care

23 May 2018

Personalised care can deliver a new relationship between people and the NHS. It is vital in supporting the NHS and social care to address many of the demographic, financial, and operational challenges we see in the system today.

70% of the health service budget is being spent on people with long-term conditions, often with complex needs.

Yet sometimes the assets that people themselves bring to their care are overlooked as part of the support process. Personalised care can significantly contribute to NHS England’s triple aim of improving people’s health and wellbeing, providing better care and getting greater value out of the public pound, as set out in the Next Steps on the Five Year Forward View. Whilst there are some excellent examples across the country of a shift towards a person-centred approach to service delivery, fragmentation of various initiatives and a lack of clarity regarding the optimum delivery models has hampered progress.

2018 has already seen the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care describe whole person, integrated care and the ability for individuals and families to direct the care they receive and autonomy to lead the lives they want, as two principles essential to the future of health and social care in England.

This is why the Personalised Care Group in NHS England is working hard to launch a Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care.

There are six key enablers which support the comprehensive model; Integrated Personal Commissioning, Personal health budgets, Social prescribing, Person centred care and support planning/shared decision making, Patient choice, and Patient activation.

Each enabler provides a unique mechanism for ensuring that people are seen as experts of their own condition and partners in their care, rather than passive recipients of services. They enable people of all ages, and their carers, regardless of condition, to manage their physical and mental health and wellbeing and make informed choices and decisions when their health changes, including at the end of life.

Visit our website to find out more about the programmes of work in the Personalised Care Group and how they are providing the foundations of a universal model of personalised care for the whole country.

James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care, NHS England



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