Bringing the Policing Vision 2025 to life: lessons from BT and Cisco

12 October 2018

Technology is having transformative effects on UK policing. The communities the police serve increasingly consume services and conduct transactions online. As life is increasingly conducted online, so is crime. Demands on digital evidence – from CCTV footage to phone records – are mounting. The public now expects easy digital contact with the police. These shifts require profound changes in the force, if they are to adequately face challenges now and in the future.

BT and Cisco have a long history of working in partnership with UK policing and both have dedicated teams that provide IT solutions that overcome the challenges facing modern policing. BT has been working with Essex Police for a number of years in support of the force’s drive to provide better services for the citizens of Essex. This partnership has been supported by a recent Hothouse event that focused on delivering successful outcomes for three core challenges: child safeguarding, demand and Big Data. Communication is key. BT and Essex Police recently held this initiative with a variety of partners and stakeholders with great success, providing great benefit to the force with a number of agreed solutions and further activities. These will only serve to provide enhanced services to the county of Essex.

The Policing Vision 2025 sets out a new vision for UK policing, which is more than making savings or incremental reforms. The ambition is to use digital technology to better service the public, making transformative changes across the entire service. There is a long way to go, but from our experience digital transformation is not blue sky thinking, it is happening on the ground in police forces. It is therefore important that players such as BT share our experiences of rolling out new technology so that innovation can be scaled-up and adopted at ease in the future.

David Darch, Head of Client Service, Policing, BT



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