After the Referendum

24 June 2016

Today is clearly a momentous day in British politics, combining a change in the country’s constitution and a new leader for at least one major Party. Its full impact hasn’t quite sunk in. Its full implications won’t be understood for some time yet.

Reform has stayed neutral on the European issue since our establishment in 2001, and that will continue. In the new landscape, we will seek to understand the impact of Brexit on the goal of better public services. Our ongoing work will address some of the key questions raised in the referendum campaign, such as the future of the NHS and the degree to which the economy provides opportunities to everyone in society.

Reform’s goal of excellent public services, delivered at high productivity and within sustainable public finances, remains at the heart of British politics. We have a particularly strong programme before the summer break and I very much look forward to seeing our supporters at these events.

A time of change in politics is a time of opportunity for new thinking on the most important issues. Reform will be particularly active in the coming months. I remain extremely grateful for our supporters’ committed interest in our work.

Andrew Haldenby, Director, Reform



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