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Vive la devolution: devolved public-services commissioning

1 November 2017, by Alexander Hitchcock, Maisie Borrows and Eleonora Harwich

 Read the full report here. The way public services are commissioned is fundamental to their success. Commissioning is...

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Citizens, government and business: The State of the State 2017-18

24 October 2017

This year’s report finds the UK government amid the complex and politically-charged challenge of leaving the EU. But...

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Getting into shape: delivering a workforce for integrated care

14 September 2017, by Kate Laycock, Maisie Borrows and Ben Dobson

 Read the full report here. A new NHS workforce policy to support integrated care and reform The Government is rightly...

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Joining the elite: how top universities can enhance social mobility

5 September 2017, by Emilie Sundorph, Danail Vasilev and Louis Coiffait

 Read the full report here. Recent increases in the number of students going to university have been celebrated...

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