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Sharing the benefits: how to use data effectively in the public sector

16 August 2018, by Sarah Timmis, Luke Heselwood and Eleonora Harwich

This report demonstrates the potential of data sharing to transform the delivery of public services and improve...

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Reform submission: LSE-Lancet Commission’s inquiry ‘The Future of the NHS’

31 July 2018

The 70th birthday year for the NHS comes at a defining moment. The health service faces some of the most major...

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The NHS at 70: Reform ideas for the future

4 July 2018

In her speech on the NHS long-term plan last month, the Prime Minister focused on the £20 billion annual boost that...

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Beyond gadgets: EdTech to help close the opportunity gap

28 June 2018, by Sarah Timmis, Emilie Sundorph and Daniel El-Gamry

Download the full report here. This report illustrates the potential of education technology (EdTech) to help close the...

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