The welfare state: continuing the revolution – brochure

Reform publishes “The welfare state: continuing the revolution” conference brochure, with articles by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, Iain Gravestock, Jeremy Moore, Lord German, Mark Hoban MP, Huw Evans, Nicholas Hellen, Will Sandbrook, Andrew Dutton, John Madden, Kris Krasnowski, Stephen Evans and Elspeth Kirkman.

Event theme

An incoming government will inherit a social security landscape very different to that of 2010. However, whilst billions have been cut from the welfare bill, substantial further savings will be needed. To achieve the scale of additional savings laid out by the Chancellor in the last Spending Review, more fundamental questions must be asked about the purpose of the welfare state: what are the objectives we want to achieve, who should receive benefits and in what form? This conference will explore what the welfare state should look like in 2020 and the principles upon which it should be built, what this means for benefit expenditure, and the challenges and opportunities for moving towards a more sustainable social security system.