The future of commissioning

Reform publishes “The future of commissioning” conference brochure, with articles by Gary Belfield, Professor Dr Stephen Dunn, Dr Axel Heitmueller, Rt Hon Lord Hunt, Caz Sayer and Jeremy Taylor

Event theme

This Parliament has seen historic changes to NHS commissioning. The advent of clinically-led commissioning was designed to allow clinicians to deliver a service that was responsive to patients whilst best allocating limited resources. Yet as commissioners and providers operate within these new structures, many of the same challenges prevail. Commissioning according to activity not outcomes has delivered fragmented care and poor value for money. Commissioners continue to struggle to drive change in a complex provider landscape and in the face of mounting financial and demographic pressures.

The Five Year Forward View has made the commissioning of new models of care a priority for meeting the unprecedented challenges ahead for the health service, both to coordinate care around the patient and deliver better value care. The next Parliament must ensure innovative and effective commissioning of these new models across the health and care sector.

This conference will make a significant contribution to the health policy debate in 2015. It will explore the potential to deliver more innovative and effective commissioning, the opportunity to spread these models across the country and where commissioning power could lie in the future.