Priorities for growth, priorities for health

This is a transcript of the remarks made during discussions with Paul Corrigan CBE, former Health Adviser to Tony Blair, and Hamish McRae, Associate Editor, The Independent at events held on Thursday 12 December 2013 and Monday 7 April 2014 by the think tank, Reform.

Reform Comment

The 2015 General Election will be a pivotal moment for the long term direction of public policy. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has suggested that the 2015 Parliament will see spending settlements that are just as tight as the current one, if not tighter. As the Deputy Prime Minister has argued, 2015, and not 2010, will see the “first full blown scarcity election”.

How to build a stronger economy and improve the quality of health services will be the key issues that all political parties will want to address. To explore these issues Reform partnered with Lilly to hold two seminars on the future of health and business policy. The seminars were led by Professor Paul Corrigan CBE, former Health Advisor to Tony Blair and Hamish McRae, Associate Editor at The Independent.


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