Localism and the public services revolution

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Local government is in the vanguard of the Coalition Government’s public service reform effort. While other areas of reform have become uncertain, the Government has remained constant to a vision of local government that is more independent, more self-financing and more efficient. The Localism Bill is a landmark piece of legislation and there is more to come in the Local Government Resource Review and the Open Public Services White Paper.

Reform is extremely keen to inform the public services debate with case studies of success from which other organisations can learn. Today’s conference will present these examples from some of the leading local authorities across the country. The ideas generated today should result in significant savings to the local taxpayer and significant improvements in service.

All parties are committed to increase value in public spending and today’s event will hear from both the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and his Shadow. The ideas discussed today will inform the thinking of policy makers and lead to better local government across England.