Going with change

This report explores the role of the private and third sector in transforming health and care services. Written by Professor Paul Corrigan CBE and Mike Parish, it sets out what the NHS can learn from other industries such as retail and manufacturing.

The authors warn that “the NHS is in the grip of two crises” of affordability and quality. Nearly all patients experience “care that is fragmented and of variable quality”. Change is needed but there is a “false loyalty” to traditional models and organisations. The majority of which have changed little in the last 50 years. The report shows within a decade new service models from public and private sectors change the way nearly 75 per cent of NHS hospitals and GP practices work.

“In the absence of a market, the onus for change and progress is on managers and politicians who effect change as late as necessary rather than as early as possible. There is limited scope for disruptive innovation as the system is more geared to perpetuating and protecting the status quo.”

“While existing organisations can lack the agility to develop new models of care, new entrants can rapidly transform patient care if given access. However, while all industries resist new entrants, the NHS is particularly hostile to competition. Overcoming political resistance to new entrants is a first step, but the policy and structures of the NHS also need to align to the development of new business models.”

About the authors

Professor Paul Corrigan CBE

From 2001 Professor Corrigan has worked for the Labour government as Special Advisor on Health. He was instrumental in developing all the major themes of NHS reform.

Mike Parish, Chief Executive of Care UK

Mike Parish has been Chief Executive since 2001. During this time the company has grown tenfold. Care UK is a social care provider, caring for 6,500 people in care homes and 13,000 people in the community, and a health care provider for the NHS.