Individual Support

At Reform, we are extremely grateful for support of any level, and offer extensive benefits to individuals who choose to become Partners of Reform. We offer four levels of individual support for our work.

Individual Associates

Associates donate a minimum of £100 a year to the charitable Reform Research Trust. Becoming an Associate is an ideal means to keep up-to-date and informed about the policy debate. Associates receive monthly newsletters with updates on Reform’s work and our upcoming research programme, as well as regular commentary on policy developments. There are also opportunities to attend Reform conference events.

Individual Partners

Partners donate a minimum of £1,000 a year to the charitable Reform Research Trust. In addition to the above, our Individual Partners receive:

  • A monthly newsletter with updates of Reform’s upcoming research and events programme
  • Regular invitations to Reform’s private policy events
  • Frequent contact and opportunities to discuss Reform’s work with our research and executive team
  • Invitations to three dinners each year with leading Whitehall and Westminster figures


Patrons are significant supporters who choose to give at a level of £5,000 or more a year. Patrons receive all benefits and monthly updates listed above, and are regularly invited to attend Reform’s policy events. We additionally hold two special private dinners for Patrons and Foundation Patrons each year.

Foundation Patrons

Foundation Patrons donate £25,000 or more a year, making an extremely generous contribution to Reform’s work. They are crucial for enabling the high quality of research and events that place Reform at the heart of British politics, and receive invitations to Foundation Patron-only dinners and events each year.


For further information, please contact Caoife Wilkinson, Corporate Partners and Fundraising Officer, on