Why support us?

In the UK, the uneven performance of public services is one of the biggest brakes on opportunity and wellbeing. Benefits to the entire economy, as well as the life chances of citizens, depend heavily on these services, particularly education, healthcare, welfare and criminal justice. As such, where every pound is spent matters. More productive services can provide more help.

Reform is now established as the leading Westminster think tank for public service reform. Established as a charity, our vision is of excellent public services within sustainable finances. By delivering better value, reform keeps public finances sustainable, and allows policymakers to focus on the changes in service delivery that are needed for citizens to lead fulfilled lives.

Our work already has an extensive reach, both through authoritative research and an active events programme that engages the most senior policymakers. Reform has regular appearances in the media and releases high quality research publications at least once a month, with 19 publications in 2016. Reform also holds around 70 high level events every year, including at both Labour and Conservative Party Conferences, which are regularly attended by Ministers, Members of Parliament and Senior Opposition figures.

By giving to Reform, you are contributing to a very active, transparent and politically independent think tank. In 2016, we were named as “one of the best public service think tanks in the country” by Rt Hon Theresa May MP. Rt Hon David Gauke MP also said last year that Reform has been “front and centre in thinking about how we deliver more for less, how we deliver quality in our public services, and how we deliver genuine value for money”. Rt Hon Liz Kendall MP said of Reform that it “does great work which any government should value”. To sustain this important work in the new Parliament, we need continued support from those who share our goals.

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For further information, please contact Caoife Wilkinson, Corporate Partners and Fundraising Officer, on caoife.wilkinson@reform.uk.