UK Authority, 27 January 2017

UK Authority wrote an article on the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). For the article, they interviewed Reform staff members Alexander Hitchcock, Senior Researcher and Eleonora Harwich, Researcher.

“Public services think tank Reform has been monitoring the early work on AI and suggests that it could find momentum from contributing to the long term demand for more cost-effective services. Researcher Alexander Hitchcock says this could apply particularly to healthcare.

“There are challenges in terms of funding the NHS, and if the government can create a debate about the means to improve the NHS, reduce its cost with technology and say ‘This is how AI works’, it can be a useful means to incorporate it into public services,” he says.

He adds that it could be possible to build a moment through an early focus on low risk initiatives.

“What government should be doing is focusing on the small wins and aiming for a snowball effect. So in the next few years it can use the technology that is proven to work and is not a high risk, like the more basic administrative stuff.

“It can create a momentum in the use of AI to show internally in government what it can do, even though it might be less innovative than some of the stuff coming from the private sector. That will involve piloting, probably at local level and with small budgets.”

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