Times Higher Education, 8 September 2016

Emilie Sundorph, Researcher at Reform, wrote an article for the Times Higher Education following the publication of Reform‘s report, Smart Campuses: how big data will transform higher education (read the full report here).

In a currently challenging environment for universities, they are having to prove their worth now more than ever. However there have been criticisms with the teaching excellence framework (TEF) metrics currently proposed (employment/destination, retention and satisfaction). Emilie Sundorph argues that learning analytics can measure student engagement for TEF and help policymakers understand if universities are providing a motivating learning environment. It could also be used to avoid major issues with the other two proposed TEF metrics.

“With the TEF set to tie increases in tuition fees to performance, it is only fair that a university’s score should accurately reflect its quality. The sooner learning analytics is adopted as a part of the TEF evaluation framework, the sooner this will be the case.”

160908-times-higher-education-es-pt-1 Read the full article here.