The Times, 28 April 2016

Charlotte Pickles, Deputy Director and Head of Research, wrote an article in The Times after the launch of Reform‘s latest report, Unlocking prison performance.

She argues that prisons offer an opportunity for a “second path” for inmates, something that has not been the focus in recent years following the “tough on crime” policy of successive governments. However, it provides an opportunity to stop reoffending (45 per cent of inmates go on to reoffend) and wasting taxpayers’ money. Reform‘s report offers a blueprint for what prison performance tables (as proposed by the Prime Minister) might look like, based on analysis of performance in certain prisons within walls and once a prisoner is released.

“Successfully holding prisons accountable for their ability to provide a second chance is morally and financially vital. It will also reaffirm the prime minister’s compassionate credentials.”

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Read the full report here.