The Telegraph, 6 February 2017

Andrew Haldenby, Director of Reform, wrote an article in The Telegraph following the publication of Work in progress. Towards a leaner, smarter public-sector workforce.

Technology has huge implications for the public sector, including its workforce. Already, it has been making waves in transport, health and HMRC but it also has wider implications for the public-sector workforce. Automation can save money and increase efficiencies, a much-needed goal in light of the current fiscal environment. Brexit showed the public’s frustration with a style of government it felt never listened or delivered for them. Technology could help lead to ‘government at your service’ as Rt Hon Ben Gummer MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, put it. It can also slim down management structures in the public sector, which look very dated.

“Automation will replace up to nine in 10 of the Whitehall’s 140,000 administrative roles in the next decade, saving £2.7 billion a year. Similar changes in the NHS could save a further £1.7 billion. When the national debt remains twice as high as its level before the financial crisis – and still rising – these efficiencies are essential. Yet the real benefit will come from a shift in the culture of the public sector away from the bureaucracy that citizens find so frustrating.”

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