The Telegraph, 23 November 2016

Andrew Haldenby, Director of Reform, wrote an article in The Telegraph arguing that getting the correct revenue due from treating overseas patients, along with a range of other improvements, could help the NHS save money.

Helping NHS staff to understand their responsibilities and those of patients when it comes to overseas patients is crucial to stop further revenue being lost. He also argues that good NHS housekeeping can improve patient care and cut costs. The use of faxes and paper communications is slow, inefficient and costly. Changes to staffing rotas in hospitals could help staff ensure that only patients who need to stay in beds over the weekend do so. Greater use of technology, such as online consultations and even artificial intelligence apps, is also a must.

“Today, Philip Hammond will announce the overall budgets for public spending for years to come. He would do well to say that while the health service needs root-and-branch change if it is to survive and prosper, it also needs the small improvements too.”

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