The Huffington Post, 23 November 2015

Researcher Elizabeth Crowhurst wrote an article in the Huffington Post highlighting that current productivity measurements by the Office of National Statistics does not take into account “the outcomes sought by citizens or the quality of services they receive” for the majority of public services. She highlights the prison service as an example:

“Applying the ONS methodology, where prison productivity is measured by dividing the total number of prisoners by the total spend, these savings would lead to the conclusion that productivity levels in the prison service had increased.

However, over the same period, there is strong evidence to suggest that the overall quality of penal provision has declined. In his most recent annual report HM Inspector of Prisons, Nick Hardwick found that all areas of outcomes – such as levels of violence, drugs and overcrowding – had deteriorated sharply. In fact performance measures across the estate were the worst they had been in over a decade. In this context short-term productivity gains through cost-cutting have resulted in poorer quality service provision which in the long term may be unsustainable.”

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