The case for GP charges

Huffington Post, Cathy Corrie

In an article for the Huffington Post, Reform Researcher Cathy Corrie set out the arguments for charges for GP appointments.

Though controversial, the charges could generate much needed revenue for the NHS. As a result NHS patients could benefit from stronger health and care services.

Cathy Corrie is quoted:

“NHS England has forecast a £30billion black hole in the NHS budget by the end of the decade as an ageing population and rising patient expectations place increasing demand on all health systems. While there is scope for improved value for money within existing budgets, the NHS is not on track to close the gap through efficiency savings alone.”

“Research by Reform last year found that a £10 charge for GP consultations could raise an additional £1.2billion each year. Although a controversial proposal, charging is nothing new. Prescription charges and means tested social care have existed side by side with free at the point of use services since the 1950s.”

Read more on the healthcare charges in the recent publication The cost of our health (PDF).