The British Medical Journal, 12 April 2016

Reform’s latest research paper, Who cares? The future of general practice, was reported in The British Medical Journal.

The article highlighted the report’s central recommendations that general practice should be delivered at greater scale to offer a wider range of services, employ a more diverse workforce and make greater use of technology.

“Only a third of people in England who go to a general practice should be seen by a doctor, says a report published by the public services think tank Reform.

GPs currently take around two thirds of the 372 million appointments at GP surgeries every year, but GPs and other experts interviewed for the research said that around half of these appointments could be taken by nurses and other clinicians.

Reform has recommended that the UK government abandon its target to recruit an additional 5000 GPs by 2020, because it ‘is an inefficient allocation of NHS resource.’”

160412 BMJ GP paper pt 1




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