Schools Week, 20 September 2016

Schools Week published an article ‘Make schools commissioners independent, demands think-tankdetailing the findings of Reform‘s new report, Academy chains unlocked

In this report, Reform recommends a new approach to the funding, commissioning, oversight and accountability arrangements for academy schools to help them reach their potential.

Amy Finch, Research Manager, Head of Education at Reform, told Schools Week that making the commissioners independent of government, in a similar move to changes in NHS England, would avoid the potential for conflicts of interest. “There is nothing in the current school commissioning framework that prevents unwarranted favoritism of some academy chains over others,” she said. “We know that this was an issue under the coalition government, when chains already known to be struggling were asked to take on more schools.”

Amy Finch also said: “Our research is the first to examine views on how large academy chains need to be before they can reduce unit costs, such as energy and back-office functions”.



You can read the full article here