Reform report coverage: ‘Work in progress’

Reform launched a report on Work in progress. Towards a leaner, smarter public-sector workforce on how the public-sector workforce can be brought up-to-date and modern. A variety of media outlets covered the report, highlighting how technology and automation can streamline the public service, both at Whitehall but also on the frontline of public services. The impact of the gig economy is also explored.

Coverage can be found in the following outlets:

The Guardian

The Times

The Sun

The Telegraph

Civil Service World

City AMĀ 

The Independent

Sky News

Mail Online

ITV News

The Express

The Mirror

Public Finance

International Business Times


Computer Business Review

Business Insider UK

The Yorkshire Post

Schools Week

The Stack

London Loves Business

Tech City News

Digital By Default News

Tech Radar


Local Gov

People Management

Politics Home

Government Computing