Public Finance, 18 February 2016

Researcher William Mosseri-Marlio wrote an op-ed for Public Finance making the case for digital courts. It comes as Reform launches its report on ‘The future of public services: digital justice’.

Digitisation may be the solution the Ministry of Justice needs to ensure it can deliver justice in a time of budget cuts and austerity (by 2020, its budget will have fallen by 45% when compared to a 2010 baseline). He argues that virtual courts could be an effective solution, where defendants, victims and witnesses participate remotely via video, which would reduce unnecessary costs. A blueprint being rolled out in the South East of England, with key agencies on board, forecasts multi-agency savings of £27 million.

“Extending the South East blueprint nationwide, and expanding to include civil, crown and coroners’ courts, would be natural steps. Such a revolution not only has the potential to deliver savings in the region of hundreds of millions of pounds each year. It would also help create a criminal justice system better suited to the contemporary needs of victims, witnesses and defendants.”

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