Prospect, 28 July 2016

William Mosseri-Marlio, Senior Researcher at Reform, wrote an article for Prospect after the publication of Reform‘s report, The future of public services: digital jobcentres.

In it he argued that despite a strong performance from jobcentres during the financial crisis, they may not be able to repeat this performance in the wake of the economic slowdown after the referendum result. In order to deliver, he argued that greater use of data, such as real-time tax data, will allow jobcentres to see how former claimants are performing. Matching this with the tactics used to get claimants back into work would develop a much richer picture of what works in employment policy, meaning that back-to-work programmes can be tailored to reflect what has worked for comparable claimants in the past.

“In the current climate of economic uncertainty, improving jobcentre performance would be a good place for the new government to focus ministerial attention. But boosting the productivity of employment services will amount to far more than a reduction in the welfare bill. Smarter jobcentres will help individuals achieve a crucial driver of personal wellbeing: a secure job.”

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