Prospect, 16 February 2017

Elaine Fischer, Research Assistant at Reform, wrote an article for Prospect following the publication of Reform‘s report, Saving STPs. Achieving meaningful health and social care reform.

In a recent interview when responding to questions around pressure the NHS is facing, Jeremy Hunt said the healthcare service would radically improve due to the government’s NHS plan, which are the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). However, STPs are not on track to deliver the wide scale reforms needed. Separate funding streams for healthcare, social care and public health, it is difficult to move money around the system to where it will have the most impact. Some areas show these problems can be overcome, such as Greater Manchester. Without formal organisation, STPs “run the risk of being little more than talking shops”.

“STPs are the right idea and they can move the NHS forward. Ministers however must give them the powers, and the financial muscle, needed for them to deliver. The government’s whole health reform agenda depends on it.”

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