Policing Insight, 14 December 2015

Researcher Elizabeth Crowhurst’s recent blog article “Transforming Rehabilitation: evolution not revolution” was published in Policing Insight. She argued that implementation of the Transforming Rehabilitation programme, designed to drive innovation in probation service provision, “remains slow and new models of provision patchy”. To ensure the programme reaches its full potential, it needs to address five key challenges including embracing cultural change; having an integrated data sharing service; reducing fragmentation in the market; increased duplication through multiple new service users; and transparency for offenders.

“While it is important to acknowledge that it is still early days and that transformation on this scale cannot happen overnight, it seems clear that TR has not yet delivered the revolution it promised. The prize for getting TR right is sizeable. To ensure his predecessor’s vision is realised Michael Gove must make tackling these issues a priority.”


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