POLICE, 4 April 2016

Charlotte Pickles, Deputy Director and Head of Research, wrote a comment piece in POLICE, the magazine of the Police Federation of England and Wales, on PCCs.

In it, she highlighted the fact that the direct accountability of PCCs has given the public a voice in how they are policed and ensured greater visibility and engagement, strengthening “the principle that policing is by consent”. She also argued that the powers of PCCs should be expanded to increase the positive influence they can have in communities. For example, they have no say in mental health provision, a significant driver of police demand, and their commissioning powers do not stretch to prison places or probation services, despite these having a direct impact on crime levels in their areas.

“The Home Secretary has now signalled an expansion of PCC powers. Integrated services, directly accountable to the people they serve is a good thing, and the Government is right to seek to strengthen it.”

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