Huffington Post, 14 July 2016

Alasdair Riggs, Research Assistant at Reform,¬†wrote an article in the Huffington Post following the publication of Reform‘s latest report, The Work and Health Programme: levelling the playing field.

The government has a commitment to removing barriers to competition during the bidding stage of the Work and Health Programme. The author argues that there are a number of obstacles which need to be removed to ensure this happens. In order to attract participation from a wide range of suppliers, not just the largest companies. Unfortunately a range of issues including lack of communication during the early stages, the payment model (which makes it difficult for smaller organisations due to cash flow) and the ‘parent company guarantee’ should be adjusted.

“By taking measures to ensure greater quality of bids – and not simply rushing to secure the cheapest contracts – government can make longer-term public savings, while also taking strides towards its aim of halving the disability employment gap.”

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