Health Service Journal, 12 April 2016

Andrew Haldenby, Director of Reform, and Alexander Hitchcock, Researcher at Reform, co-wrote a comment piece in the Health Service Journal after the launch of Reform‘s report, Who cares? The future of general practice.

In it, they wrote of the importance of size for delivering higher-quality care for patients. They emphasised the importance of triaging patients and ensuring that patients who need care were met by clinicians other than GPs. The importance of competing for contracts and designing integrated care commissioners was also highlighted.

“Faced with the prospect of significant policy change, ministers may think that they have enough on their plate already. In fact they would be going with the grain of the progress in primary care already, progress that has gone somewhat under the radar screen as hospitals have dominated the national policy debate. Their focus should be structural change rather than a recruitment target that is misguided in itself and unlikely to be achieved.”

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