Financial Times, 7 March 2016

The Financial Times has covered the findings of Reform‘s latest report on government procurement, ‘Cloud 9: the future of public procurement’ in a recent article.

The article highlighted the fact that the Government is “wasting billions of pounds on procurement” because there is no clear figure on what the government is spending on public sector suppliers. Estimates from authorities including former chief commercial officer Bill Crothers, the public accounts committee and the National Audit Office vary. The article cites Reform‘s recommendations for improvement, which include building on the success of G-Cloud and moving to e-procurement everywhere, emulating international examples of Estonia and South Korea. Another area for improvement is improving commercial skills in the Civil Service:

“Alex Hitchcock, co-author of the report, said the study showed that “commercial skills in the Civil Service are a longstanding concern. Unless the government improves practice, savings from digital procurement are unlikely to materialise”.

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