Financial Times, 4 December 2015

Director Andrew Haldenby was quoted in a full page article by Sarah Neville in the Financial Times looking at whether public sector services can continue to meet rising public demands. The demands of the nation are changing yet the structures in place to meet those demands have not. It appears that although the government has continued to give greater authority to local government, it is based on practical, rather than ideological reasoning:

“Although the size of the government is being reduced, it is not because of an ideological road map,” says Andrew Haldenby, head of Reform, a pro-market think-tank. “It’s the force majeure of the money.”

This, he suggests, contrasts with the Labour governments of Tony Blair and his successor, Gordon Brown, who embarked on a deliberate drive to reform public services through a blend of regulation and liberalisation. One of their most notable experiments was increasing the role of the private sector in healthcare.”

The article also quoted Steve McGuirk, former chief fire officer in Greater Manchester and a speaker at Reform’s recent annual conference.

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