Financial Times, 26 November 2015

Director Andrew Haldenby wrote about the Chancellor’s Spending Review in an article published in the Financial Times. Despite some good productivity proposals, such as the digitisation of HM Revenue and Customs, and selling old property in prisons and courts to fund new initiatives within those areas, the Spending Review also brings areas of concern.

In particular, he argues that although money will be injected into the NHS in 2016-17, this isn’t increasing NHS productivity and, inevitably, the “NHS will be back for more before too long”. The Chancellor’s U-turn on policing budgets could also undo increased productivity gains in the sector:

“Lower budgets meant that the worst practices of the police were tackled and good initiatives begun, such as co-operation between forces on front line and back office operations.”

“Certainly the government should provide more resources for firearms response and counter-terrorism but the decision to remove all pressure from the police budget is bad for policing and sends the wrong message to the rest of the public sector.”

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