Daily Telegraph

In a column, Allister Heath praised the analysis of Rupert Darwall’s paper for Reform.

He argued:

“The main point is that Britain no longer has a real energy market and that the Coalition’s reforms are ‘the biggest expansion of state power since the nationalisations of the 1940s and 1950s’. Nominally private companies still generate and deliver electricity that consumers pay for but just about everything, from prices to outcomes, are now heavily determined by politicians.

“The author, Rupert Darwall, finds that the result is a “vast ramshackle Public Private Partnership combining the worst of all worlds – state direction of investment funded by high cost private sector finance”. Devastatingly, as he notes cogently, almost all sorts of generation that currently take place in Britain – be it zero, low or high carbon – now benefits from handouts or various kinds of price supports.”


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