Daily Mail, 7 March 2016

The Daily Mail has written an article covering the findings of Reform‘s latest report on government procurement, Cloud 9: the future of public procurement.

The article emphasises the potential for the Government to be saving up to £10 billion a year by improving its procurement process. So far, using this method has resulted in 20% savings on legacy contracts, and 50% when process costs were included. However, the savings could be much greater if the UK followed the example of other countries, such as Estonia. To deliver this, the Government will need to focus on moving the process to digital platforms even further and commercial skills within the Civil Service will need to improve.

“Will Mosseri-Marlio, the report’s co-author, said: “Transforming central government procurement could save up to £10 billion a year, three-quarters of the annual cost of the police service in England and Wales.”

Daily Mail procurement pt 1




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