Crime’s collapse masks the march of the cyber criminal

Clare Fraser, Researcher at Reform, has published an article in City A.M. looking at the latest crime figures and considering the deeper trends that underlie them.

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Data from A&E departments have recently shown a fall in violent crimes. In addition latest figures from Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW) indicate that overall crime has halved in the last 20 years.

Clare’s article argues that despite these figures, police forces cannot afford to become complacent. New forms of crime will continue to challenge the police in the future.

“While the overall figures are encouraging, looking at crime in aggregate masks a more complex picture – and not all crime is falling. Cyber-crime, not currently measured by the CSEW, is estimated by the Cabinet Office to cost the UK up to £27bn per year, with business the main loser.”

The article concludes:

“The police service needs to adapt its methods to fight these new forms of crime, but it cannot be expected to tackle all of the challenges alone. The greater task will be encouraging and enabling citizens to protect themselves.”