Crime prevention will give us better value policing

The Guardian, Clare Fraser

A new article on the prevention of crime has been published on the Guardian website. Written by Clare Fraser, Researcher at Reform, the article details how Crime prevention will give us better value policing.

The report details how savings must be made in policing for now and the future:

In the debate so far about the future of the police, one thing is clear – austerity is here to stay and police services must find a way to make savings not only now, but for the foreseeable future.

Clare goes on to say:

A return to the core preventative role will not only ease the immediate pressure on the police. Reducing demand further down the line will ensure that they are able to make cost savings for years to come. The message is clear: the police may be the first public service, but they are also increasingly used as the service of last resort.

With budgets falling, the police must clarify their role and focus their resources where the public wants – and needs – them most: preventing crime.