Conservative Home, 4 February 2016

Senior Researcher Ed Holmes wrote an article for Conservative Home about disability welfare reform, in the wake of Reform‘s latest report, Working welfare: a radically new approach to sickness and disability benefits. Despite progress in helping many groups into work over the last few decades, jobs outcomes for people with health conditions or disabilities remains a key failure of welfare policy.

Ed argued that a new system is necessary to bring about real change in this area. There should be a single out-of-work benefit for everyone, regardless of health condition, of which any savings should be reinvested in providing additional support for severely disabled people through the Personal Independent Payment, and into employment support. It should also allow personalised tratment plans to address a claimant’s health problems.

“Such reforms are unlikely to be without controversy. But piecemeal reforms have been tried before and found wanting. Addressing the fundamental flaws of the existing system could both tackle the scale of the challenge as well as be a lasting legacy for this Parliament.”

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