Conservative Home, 23 May 2016

Charlotte Pickles, Deputy Director and Head of Research, wrote an article in Conservative Home, after the publication of Reform‘s latest report, Local commissioning, local services: devolving offender management.

Prisoners are disproportionately damaged individuals. Their troubled lives provide an important context for their behaviour. The Government has decided to give greater autonomy to prison governors with the hope of driving innovation and ultimately reducing reoffending rates. She argues that whilst reforms are welcome, they will not go far enough to stop reoffending. Reform‘s latest report offers a blueprint for change on what a reformed offender management system could look like.

“The prize for delivering an effective offender management system is great – less reoffending and lives transformed. It also means fewer victims and reduced cost to the taxpayer. The Government sees this. But “reform prisons” must be just the first step in a much more radical agenda.”

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