Conservative Home, 10 February 2016

Director Andrew Haldenby wrote an article in Conservative Home arguing that Jeremy Hunt should keep his resolve over his NHS reforms, even in the face of the BMA and the junior doctors’ strike. He argued that NHS reform is necessary and the BMA is using the dispute to “test the government’s wider resolve”. Instead of giving in to pressure to backtrack on reforms, Jeremy Hunt should be “prized”. He “is a reforming Health Secretary, in a party far too nervous of health reform”.

“The biggest hope for the future of the NHS is that it becomes more productive by changing the way it does its business. The route to better value lies in preventing ill health, early diagnosis of illness and a unwavering focus on safe, high quality care, all of which is to the benefit of patients. All of this, however, requires political leadership because the NHS workforce will need to change significantly. The Department of Health needs the same strength of purpose that Theresa May has displayed over police reform. Good reformers make waves.”

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