Civil Service World, 6 February 2017

Alexander Hitchcock, Senior Researcher at Reform, wrote an article in Civil Service World following the publication of Reform‘s report, Work in progress. Towards a leaner, smarter public-sector workforce.

Government needs to deliver new ways of working for public servants, embracing technology to deliver tailored, personalised, accessible services to citizens. Any upgrade in services must start with the workforce – which accounts for 50% of day-to-day spend in the public sector. However, the aim should be to build a workforce around people’s needs, not a “salami-slicing activity”, which we have seen previously, where Ministers have often taken tactical decisions. This new approach should also be underpinned by a new mentality: a culture of innovation.

“This builds on a new mentality signalled by Ben Gummer – one that moves from a focus on cost-cutting measures to designing sustainable services that work for citizens. A new culture is also a better offer for public servants, who are there to serve the public.”

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