Civil Service World, 28 July 2016

William Mosseri-Marlio, Senior Researcher at Reform, wrote an article in Civil Service World after the publication of Reform‘s latest report, The future of public services: digital jobcentres.

In it, he argued that jobcentres will have to move towards a more data-driven approach. He put forward a number of recommendations. Firstly, the government should change the current framework so that jobcentres are judged against their ability to get individuals into sustainable jobs. Second, jobcentres need to develop a more evidence-based approach to policy, for example through the use of ‘real time’ tax data. Finally, they need to have a more proactive approach when it comes to local labour markets.

“With the prospect of an economic slowdown looking increasingly likely, improving employment services must be a priority for the new administration. If May’s ministers succeed, jobcentres will stand a good chance of repeating their strong performance over the financial crisis.”

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