City AM, 18 January 2017

William Mosseri-Marlio, Research Manager at Reform, wrote an article in City A.M. in the aftermath of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR)’s judgement on the long-term health of the country’s finances.

According to the OBR, by the 2060s the UK will be reaching levels of borrowing not seen since the Second World War. He argues that the government needs to act now to offset some of the burden that future generations will face. This will include achieving much greater value for money from our healthcare system; reducing the cost of the State Pension by scrapping the triple lock; and, when developing policy, looking at much longer-term trends than simply the next election date.

“Theresa May ended her Brexit speech with a call for Britain to become a lower tax, economically vibrant competitor to the Continent. Her words will fall flat unless her government takes to heart the OBR’s warnings.”

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