BBC Three Counties Radio, 2 March 2016

Researcher William Mosseri-Marlio spoke on BBC Three Counties Radio about the issue of pensions policy, particularly whether the pension age should be raised to 75.

He argued that the Government is right to be looking at the issue as an ageing population brings a new set of problems that need to be addressed. Raising the pension age is the fairest option when compared to the alternatives which include cutting the value of pensions or increasing spending which the Office of Budget Responsibility warns could risk pushing future generations into debt. The Government’s view is also guided by the principle that a third of adult life will be spent in retirement.

William also highlighted the fact that, rather than limiting jobs for younger generations, the move to encourage older people to stay in work will help society, who can utilise their skills. Research also suggests there is a strong link between wellbeing and work in later life.