BBC Radio West Midlands, 22 December 2015

Researcher Leo Ewbank spoke to BBC Radio West Midlands about hospital parking charges and whether they should be banned. He argued that the charges are ultimately a “necessary evil” due to the associated costs of maintaining parking facilities. He argued that, if banned, hospitals may have to divert funding from other areas, such as patient care, to pay for parking facilities.

Speaking on the issue of how parking charges affect patients with long-term illnesses or those who have to attend recurring hospital visits, he pointed out that government policy does allow concessions for certain patients and it is up to each individual Trust to implement this.

He also warned about the possibility of negative “unintended consequences” if parking charges were banned, particularly in urban areas. If hospitals were to offer free parking, it could increase the risk of attracting users who were not intending to visit the hospital, putting patients at a disadvantage.