City A.M, 30 August 2017

Dr Kate Laycock, Researcher at Reform, wrote an article for City A.M. titled ‘The NHS is bad value for money: Automation, not bureaucracy, will put its broken house in order’. Kate discusses the enormous scope that automation and technology can play in improving productivity and efficiency in the NHS, for example by reducing the administrative burden on back office and front line staff.

“The debate on the future of the NHS is too often dominated by calls for extra resources. Instead, the way to keep the service sustainable is to improve productivity. This rests on the workforce and wider public embracing technology. Getting the house in order is not a matter of filling in the cracks with old solutions, rather the house must be modernised to ensure that it is ready for challenges ahead.”

Reform have also published further calculations for this article in a Reformer blog.

Read the full article here