The impact of Brexit on employment

Reform is delighted that Richard Graham MP, member of the Work and Pensions Select Committee, will lead this high-level roundtable on the impact of Brexit on employment.

A possible implication of Brexit is a reduction in the number of EU migrants working in the UK. Restrictions on the free movement of labour would mean that sectors such as construction – in which many companies have already reported difficulties in hiring appropriately skilled workers and in which EU-born migrants account for a significant portion of workers – will need to rethink their recruitment strategy. Ensuring a sufficient supply of skilled construction workers will be increasingly important given the added demand for the sector in light of the Government’s ambitious infrastructure and housing development proposals. Many other firms and public agencies may also struggle in a new environment of higher unit wage costs associated with a reduction in labour supply from the EU, and, as workers retrain and move between industries, Brexit could entail higher levels of frictional unemployment in the medium term.

This roundtable will explore the possible implications Brexit could have for the UK labour market, including its impact on the skills composition of the workforce and the preparedness of employment services to successfully ease a period of frictional unemployment. The event will be held under the Chatham House rule.


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2 May 2017
08.45 - 10.00