The future NHS workforce

Reform held a roundtable, under the Chatham House Rule, with Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive of NHS Employers, on ‘The future NHS workforce’.

Discussion focused mainly on three main issues. Attendees agreed that greater engagement with the NHS workforce is crucial to long-term success. There was consensus that both the quality and quantity of communication between staff at different levels must increase to improve morale, productivity and outcomes for patients. Ensuring the right skills mix among staff was another key topic of discussion, including much debate over how to enable nurses and pharmacists to take on greater responsibilities. The present regulatory framework was identified as a key barrier to reform in this respect. Achieving the right balance between flexibility and leadership from the centre, to facilitate initiatives at the local level, was also keenly explored.

Consideration was also given to workforce planning, and whether this should be better aligned with service planning. Discussion then drew to a close with thoughts on how to enable a healthier as well as happier NHS workforce, to help deliver a health service fit for the future.


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28 April 2016
12.30 - 14.00